Mountain Trail Rides



A unique experience! Come visit our Adventure Cave at Mountain Trail Rides to enjoy the newest activity which kids and parents can participate in together. Here, armed only with a hard hat, mining lamp, bucket and shovel, visitors of all ages enter a fabricated cave in complete darkness in search of over 200 different rocks, minerals, shells, gems and fossils from all over the world. Each visitor will leave with whatever they find and the experience of having hunted for treasure in a realistic, underground setting. Kids will love putting on the hard hats and mining lamps and going on a “treasure hunt” into the cave. Young ones can use their imagination to pretend they are in Ali Baba’s Cave, or “working”underground in one of America’s finest occupations – as a West Virginia coal miner! Remember the movie National Treasure? . . . It’s so cool!

Admittance Fee – $8.00, which includes use of hard hat, mining light, bucket and shovel.
Half-price admission for parents/grandparents wishing to enter cave with young children.

Horseback Riding and Adventure Cave open all year