Why do I need to call ahead for a reservation?

Our rides go out at specific timeslots every day, and we do have a limited number of horses.  Sometimes these rides fill up, and if you do not book in advance, we may not have enough horses available.

What are your age restrictions to ride solo?

Pony rides: 15 months +.  Half hour/One hour rides: 6+.  All other rides: 10+.

My child is an experienced rider but does not meet your age requirements. May they ride by themselves or on the longer rides?

Unfortunately no. All of our horses are specifically chosen and paired with certain riders.  Many of our child horses are enjoying their retirement with us and are older than the other horses.  Riding up and down the mountain all day can tire them out and going on longer rides can be quite taxing. You wouldn’t work your grandpa in a ditch all day, would ya? We wouldn’t! We make sure these horses get ample breaks throughout the day.

What are your weight restrictions?

Our weight restrictions are subjective.  As a general rule, if a rider weighs 240 lbs. or more, he or she needs to call to discuss if we have a horse suited for the desired ride. Riders may be weighed upon arrival. Height is also a factor.

Why do you have weight/height restrictions?

Because our horses carry our riders up a mountain, loads can become cumbersome.  Weight and height are both a factor because of how the weight distribution spreads across a horse’s back. Someone who is much taller may weigh less than someone shorter, but because they sit so much higher, it may affect the horse’s comfort level.

What should I wear?

Although our riders wear most anything, we highly recommend closed-toed shoes and pants.

What if it is my first time riding?

In a way, we specialize in first time riders.  Many people who visit us have never touched a horse before let alone have ridden one.  Our horses are seasoned professionals and our guides will be with you every step along the way.

What if it rains?

Unless there is thunder, lightning, or other dangerous conditions, we will be out on the trails, rain or shine! Our gift shop has ponchos, rain jackets, and sweatshirts available for purchase.  If rides are canceled, we will call the person who made the reservation to notify them.

Can we gallop?

That is a negative, cowboy.  All of our rides are done at a walk.

Can I ride by myself?

No. Since we hold the lease with Canaan Valley State Park, you must be accompanied by one of our guides to follow our designated trails.

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